The key to endless beauty and eternal youth is lifestyle. Also, clothes can become a magic wand. With their help, you can freshen up your looks. However, it can add a few years to your age as well. We would like to tell you what mistakes to avoid if you want to look young and cool....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Old-fashioned shoes

At any age, we strive for comfort. And one way to achieve it is to wear flat shoes. However, the main thing in this matter is not to overdo it, as there is a risk of adding a few years to your age. So, for example, it’s best to stay away from orthopedic clogs or sports sandals.

And it’s always a good idea to look out for more interesting models of bright colors, with an unusual toe or a massive sole. The bravest option will be to wear pool slides.

Clothes with floral prints

Floral prints can be very tricky, especially if the print is large. At the same time, a smaller print will make your looks light and airy. You can also try to wear clothes with geometric patterns, like stripes. This approach will add playfulness and lightness to your looks.

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Too much nude

Outfits of muted and beige colors are loved by women of different ages. They look elegant and expensive. However, with age, you should be more careful with all-beige outfits. They can add extra years, emphasize wrinkles and make the skin look dull. Instead, it’s best to choose one neutral piece and pair it with something bright.

Ripped jeans

Many people wear jeans, if not all, but denim can be different. And it’s best to avoid models with plenty of rips and holes because they literally scream of an attempt to look younger.

But this doesn’t mean that you have to wear only conservative models. If you want to find jeans «with a zest,» look at the model with a ripped hem.

Covering your neck

Covering your neck is old fashion as well as it adds age and makes you look older

Sometimes women feel insecure about their age-related changes in the neckline and try to hide their neck behind a tall turtleneck. But this approach ages them even more.

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It’s best to opt for shirts and blouses with V-neck because they visually make the neck longer. And jewelry will help to enhance this effect. The main thing is that it shouldn’t be too tight around your neck.

Rimless glasses

Rimless glasses visually make the face look aged and tired. The same effect is given by glasses with rhinestones and other embellishments. If you want to look younger and lighter, opt for rounded glasses with a brown or black rim.

Not seamless underwear

The secret to a beautiful shape is often not in well-chosen pants, but in well-chosen underwear. And it’s best if it’s seamless and smooth. This way, it won’t emphasize age-related changes on the hips and butt, and the panty line won’t be visible under the clothes.

Capri pants

This is a very peculiar item, which even the owners of perfect legs should wear with caution. All because Capri pants draw attention to the widest part of the leg and make the legs look heavy. Visually, they can even add a couple of years.

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A cool alternative is ankle pants or slightly higher. They can be flared jeans or palazzo. The main criterion is that the pants should end at the narrowest part of the leg.

Classic way of wearing pearls

Pearl jewelry is quite complex and controversial. Many people may associate it with aristocratic older ladies. And actually, there is nothing wrong about looking like them.

However, if your goal is to create a stylish and modern look, it’s worth wearing pearls in an unconventional way. For example, combine pearls with different jewelry or wear them with jeans.

Not wearing belts

Loose clothes can visually add both weight and age. And a simple accessory like a belt can easily solve this problem.

With its help, you can emphasize your waist and achieve the effect of an hourglass figure. It can be worn either with pants, or over a dress or shirt. If you are open to experiments, you can wear belts of different styles, widths and colors.

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