There is no doubt that pregnancy is one of the most wonderful experiences a woman can have in her lifetime. As the baby grows, a new episode is added to the pregnancy phase each week. ....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Every day, the baby in the womb grows and learns new things. Have you ever wondered what babies do while they are developing in the womb? So, you’re about to find out the answers. Here are some amazing things that babies do inside their mothers’ wombs.

1. Inhaling and exhaling

Everyone, including babies in the womb, requires oxygen to survive. Babies breathe in oxygen through the umbilical cord while in the womb, but they also practice breathing exercises that allow them to breathe even when they are no longer in the womb. This exercise begins around the ninth week of pregnancy.

2. They open and close their eyes.

Even while still in the womb, your baby develops the ability to open and close their eyes. Around the 27th week of pregnancy, the baby begins to be sensitive to light signals. It reacts to light, despite the fact that there isn’t much to see inside.

3. kicks, twists, and turns

Babies begin to use their reflexes as soon as they enter their first home. Its first playground is your womb. Twisting, kicking, turning, and punching will become more common during the middle stage of your pregnancy.

4. A smile.

Some 4D scans have clearly shown images of babies smiling in the womb as early as the 26th week of pregnancy.

5. Tears.

Crying begins in the womb as well. The first cry of a baby outside the womb is significant because it indicates that the baby’s brain is receiving adequate oxygen and is otherwise healthy.

6. Food tasting

Certain flavors of foods consumed by pregnant women are reflected in the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Certain food flavors, such as garlic, ginger, and sweet, have the ability to alter the taste of amniotic fluid. When a baby enjoys a particular flavor, he or she consumes more amniotic fluid. This is most likely nature’s way of preparing the baby for the various flavors it will encounter after birth.

7. urinating.

You may need to use the restroom frequently while pregnant to empty your bladder because your baby is peeing inside the womb. Babies begin urinating inside the womb around the 12th week of pregnancy. This allows the baby to expel any wastes that may be present in its body.

8. Paying attention.

According to studies, babies begin to hear outside noises around the third trimester. They may even react to certain sounds with gentle kicks. Despite their inability to understand their mother’s words, they recognize her voice. As a result, you should talk to your child because it is a very effective way of bonding with your unborn child.

9. yawning

Things can be pretty boring for a baby inside its small home, so it’s not surprising that your adorable little one will yawn occasionally while in the womb. This can be seen in some ultrasonic images.

10. hiccupping

Babies learn to hiccup within the first few weeks of life, but these hiccups may be too mild to detect. Although it may be noticeable during the last trimester of pregnancy, many pregnant women may not notice it at all….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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