Teenager In Adamawa Arrested For Supposedly “Rap̪ng” A Chicken – VIDEO

A 17-year-old resident of Viniklang in Lavali Mori, Gilai Local Government Area in Adamawa Province, was arrested by police operatives for sexual activity with a male fowl....CONTINUE READING

He was arrested because his actions were considered unnatural.

Freshreporters News learned that Mori was involved in this act and caught by Esther Dimas, another resident of Viniklang, and immediately reported the incident to the police.

In a statement released by the Adamawa Police Command, it turned out that Woods confessed to the crime, but could not indicate a motive for his actions.

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KP State Police Secretary Afolabi Babatola expressed his concern about the incident and as a result ordered a secret investigation into the matter.

Meanwhile, 2 people, 25-year-old Shamsun Mohammed and 25-year-old Yau Inusa, were detained in the Ibadan Correctional Institution on suspicion of murder by the Iyaganku Magistrate Court in Ibadan.

The defendant was charged with conspiracy and murder, according to Freshreporters News.

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During the ruling, Justice of the Peace S. Zubair refused to hear the defendant’s statement due to lack of jurisdiction. She ordered the case files to be returned to the Prosecutor General (DPP) for legal advice. Zubair has since postponed the case until 14:30 in 2024 for further consideration.

Inspector Oladejo Balogun, the prosecutor, stated that the crime was committed by the accused in the Bodia area of Ibadan at about 11:22 a.m. on September 4.

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Balogun also said that the accused, together with an unidentified person, illegally took the life of 1 Usman Umar, inflicting a fatal stab wound in the chest with a broken bottle.

Balogun highlights that the violation is clearly in line with articles 324 and 319 of the Oyo State Penal Code of 2000…CONTINUE READING>>

Video below;


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