Following rumors and speculations of the sacking of Italian and Tottenham Hotspur’s head coach, Antonio Conte despite his beautiful accomplishments in improving the quality and tactical vibes of Tottenham Hotspur’s squad....CONTINUE READING

One would no doubt agree that there is something fishy about the retaining of Chelsea’s head coach, Graham Potter Boehly.Readmore


Conte has more beautiful results than Graham Potter: Everyone who has been watching the English Premier League will commend the great work of Antonio Conte at White Hart Lane in obtaining beautiful results for Daniel Levy, unlike the poor results which Graham Potter has been obtaining in the past fixtures for Chelsea football club.

It is quite suspicious that Conte has been sacked by Tottenham Hotspur even with his remarkable results while Graham Potter who has been obtaining poor results is still been given time.

There must be something fishy about the retaining of Potter by Boehly even after knowing that the British manager has not shown any glimpse of improving Chelsea’s squad owing to his (Potter’s) poor tactical strategy in selections, and substitutions of players.

The transformation which Conte established at Tottenham was more positive than the one Chelsea squad is experiencing from Potter: Tottenham Hotspur as it stands now possesses more impressive and threatening prowess tactically than Chelsea football club still, Tottenham Hotspur has dismissed Conte while Chelsea is yet to fire Potter for his poor results.

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