Why The Super Eagles Can’t Be Considered As A Top Team Yet

Nigeria might have won the reverse fixture against Guinea-Bissau, but there’s a glaring problem. Something definitely needs to be fixed with the team, and it is difficult to pinpoint the exact root of the problem.

Gone are the days when players are invited to the national team based on merit. Many fans (including me) were furious when they saw the line-up for this match.Readmore

The team has retrogressed to the point where a player will perform abysmally, and fans will still see the same player in the starting line-up for the next match. After watching the game today, certain areas of focus make up a part of the problem the team is facing;

The Coach

It’s high time Nigerians realized that Jose Peseiro isn’t the man to move the team forward. He may have led them to a 10-0 win over Sao Time, but he clearly lacks the tactical knowledge to improve the Super Eagles further.

Anyone who watched the game will know there was hardly any tactical output from the coach during the match. It was like he just picked eleven players and put them in the pitch and nothing else. If the NFF wants the team to move forward, then it’s clear that the Portuguese have to go.

Samuel Chukwueze

The Villarreal winger is one Super Eagles player that has annoyed fans during the two matches against Guinea-Bissau. Chukwueze blatantly refused to pass the ball to Osimhen on numerous occasions over the two legs, instead opting to shoot wastefully.

It’s high time Chukwueze comes out and tells us why he doesn’t like passing the ball to the Napoli striker. If there’s a beef or problem between them, they should settle it within themselves and stop jeopardizing the chances that would help the team progress.

Why is Osimhen Afraid of Taking Penalties?

As the top striker in the Super Eagles, Victor Osimhen should be the number one penalty taker for the team. Yet, he keeps shying away from taking them, gradually killing his confidence in the national team. It’s been a while since he scored for Nigeria, and refusing to take penalties won’t help the situation either.

Overall, the Super Eagles are far off from becoming a top team in Africa. We are way behind countries like Morocco, Senegal, Algeria, and even Ghana. Simply put, THE TEAM ISN’T READY. I had high hopes of the team qualifying early, especially after winning their first two games, 2-1 and 10-0.

But recent displays have seen them struggling once again. With two games against Sierra Leone and Sao Tome, Nigeria is expected to qualify from the group.

But beyond qualification, do the Super Eagles look like a team that will deliver success on a larger scale? No. They are simply not ready. Questions still have to be asked about Jose Peseiro. Is he the man for the job? I don’t think he is. He should have left after the game against Ghana.

Nigeria may have picked up a scrappy win away at Guinea-Bissau, but the cracks are becoming visible for everyone to see. There are players that are supposed to be kept away from the team, regardless of their past achievements.

On the other hand, there are players that also deserve a chance to prove themselves to the team. And until the NFF and those in charge at the Glass House begin making the right decisions, things will remain the same. So forget this win over Guinea Bissau, something is still wrong with the Super Eagles team.

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