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Often, the obstacle to reaching financial goals isn’t the lack of money but rather the way current finances are managed. To alter your financial trajectory, start by transforming these money habits.

1. Lack of a Savings Plan

Unless you’re planning on winning a lottery, getting rich is an accumulation of your wealth from the time you start making money. If you eat everything you make, there will be nothing to accumulate.

You must establish a savings plan and stick by it to grow wealth.

2. Not Having a Clear Financial Vision

Failing to create a plan to accumulate wealth is essentially deciding not to foster financial growth. Wealth doesn’t materialize in isolation; establishing a vision board for your financial goals and actively pursuing it is essential for achieving richness.

3. Not Investing in Financial Literacy

Investing in financial literacy will help you know how money works and how to invest well. Becoming rich is a skill, and most skills have to be learned.

Enroll in financial literacy classes and learn how to invest, budget, and manage your money.

4. Keeping Bad Company

Peer pressure doesn’t just end in high school; if you keep company with people with bad money-spending habits, you will most likely be like them.

Keep the company of people with a clear vision of being wealthy, as they will keep you accountable in your pursuit of wealth.

5. Lack of Financial Emotional Intelligence

Humans are emotional beings, and these emotions also show up in how we view money. However, you must separate your emotions from how you spend your money, especially if you often indulge in retail therapy.

If you buy something to make yourself feel better whenever you’re emotionally down, you’ll soon have no money left.

6. Falling Into Pyramid Schemes

Growing wealth is a painstaking process, and it doesn’t happen overnight [unless you inherit money from an unknown wealthy uncle.]

Falling into a get-rich scheme is the surest and fastest way to become poor quickly- it’s almost always too good to be true.

7. Fear of Risk-taking

It’s good to be cautious, but it should not keep you from taking financial risks that would help you build your wealth.

When you have gained financial literacy and can gauge a good investment from a bad one, you should take calculated financial risks to help you boost your goals.

8. Failure to Diversify Your Income

With the current economic uncertainties, a single income source is a great risk. While you may enjoy your job or business security, you don’t know what the next years will look like.

If the COVID pandemic taught us anything, it’s that the world can go to a standstill in an instant. Look for more than one avenue to make money.

9. Exceeding Your Financial Capacity

One of the biggest enemies of building wealth is living above your means, and many young people are falling into it.

Keeping up with the Joneses is good for Instagram photos, but it’ll be disastrous in the long run. You do not have to get the latest phone or car model, live within [or below] your means, and save up for the future.

10. Impulsive Spending

You can’t build wealth with an “I-see-it-I-want-it” attitude. Avoid making unplanned purchases on a whim. Impulse buying can quickly deplete your resources.

11. Excessive Debt

Debt is not entirely bad when you use it to make more money, but excessive debt may be crippling in the long run.

Accumulating high-interest debt hinders wealth-building. Focus on reducing and eliminating debt to free up financial resources.

12. Neglecting Budgeting

Without a budget, losing track of where your money goes is easy. Create and stick to a budget to manage your finances effectively.

If you don’t budget, you will always be doing a post-mortem of your finances to find out what killed your financial dreams.

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