Kimilili MP Dismus Barasa has yielded to pressure from Gen Z and publicly apologised for voting in favour of the Finance Bill 2024.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

He was seen symbolically giving away his shoes and shirt to members of Gen Z as a gesture of remorse for betraying their trust.

The Gen Z appeared to accept his apology, walking alongside his car and cheering him on.

Several other MPs have also apologized. Some are below:

David Gikaria

Nakuru East MP, David Gikaria, expressed his apologies to his constituents by posting a photo of himself and his wife wearing t-shirts with messages seeking forgiveness: “I’m sorry, please forgive me,” and “He’s sorry, please forgive him.”

Joseph Namuar

Central Turkana MP from the UDA party, Joseph Namuar, asked forgiveness from his constituency for supporting the Financial Bill.

“If there’s any way we erred by voting ‘yes’, we ask for forgiveness,” Namuar stated.

He highlighted that Ruto respects and listens to the people, which influenced his decision not to sign the Finance Bill.

John Kiarie

Dagoretti South MP, John Kiarie, joined those issuing apoligies by issuing a heartfelt statement to Gen Z for his remarks doubting the authenticity of protest photos.

“I sincerely apologize for my comments during the Finance Bill debate. They were unnecessary, misguided, and insensitive,” he expressed…CONTINUE READING>>

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