Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation In The Body That Should Be Taken Seriously

Poor blood Circulation is a disorder that arises when something interferes with the smooth flow of blood, nutrients and oxygen around the blood. This problem can arise due to several problems including excess consumption of unhealthy fats, diabetes and some other problems and when they happen, it can have disturbing signs or symptoms.

The earlier you detect the signs and go for checkup, the higher your chances of overcoming this problem. So in this article for the sake of enlightenment, we are going to have a look at some of the signs of poor blood circulation in the body that should not be taken for granted. Just sit tight and learn something new from this piece.

What Are The Signs Of Poor Blood Circulation?

1. Pins and needles sensation on your skin; this can happen to any part of the body due to poor blood flow to that part of the body. It can also happen generally on the skin due to poor blood circulation in the body. Pins and needles has to do with tingling pain and burning sensation in certain part of the body. If you start having this sign, do well to go for checkup.

2. Muscles that feel weak when you walk; this is another sign that adequate blood is not flowing to and from the heart. Poor blood Circulation should be treated as a medical emergency as it can cause more severe health complications becquse blood and oxygen is necessary for every part of the body.

3. Cold fingers or toes; this is another sign of poor blood circulation in the body that should not be taken for granted if it starts and continues for long. Reason being that, when there is adequate blood flow around the body, the feet and fingers should not be cold.

4. Veins that Bulge; this is a disturbing effect of poor blood circulation. It is professionally referred to as varicose veins and they appear due to poor blood flow around the body. Varicose veins appear in the legs most times and they can also cause serious complications

5. Swelling of the legs; this is otherwise referred to as edema and it develop due to poor blood flow to the legs. If your legs suddenly swell up, it could be due to excess salt intake, kidney problems, heart issues or poor blood flow. So don’t take it for granted.

6. Chest Pain; this is another sign of poor blood circulation that should not be taken for granted. Once you start having constant chest pain coupled with some of the aforementioned signs, do well to see a doctor.

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