Shehu Sani Reacts To How Northern Politicians Suddenly Become Nice And Humble To Victims Of Terrorism

As the governorship election draws near, former Nigerian senator Shehu Sani has taken to his official Twitter page to react to the way the northern politicians have all of a sudden become more nice and humble as they are now reaching out to the victims of terrorism, giving out food, and making promises.

He continued by pointing out the fact that those orphans and widows have been there for years, but they have failed to visit them. He then concluded by saying the voters are the ones who make kings, but that is if they are aware of it.

In his words, “Northern Politicians are now being nice and humble,they are reaching out to the displaced and traumatised victims of terrorism,sharing foodstuffs and promising them heaven;the same widows and orphans they never visited for years.The voters are the Kingmakers,if only they know.”

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