The Edo State police command has paraded a young lady and a man who were allegedly involved in the kidnapping of a pastor.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

In a video shared by Channels TV from 0:52, Funsho Adegboye, the commissioner of police in Edo State, revealed how the young lady tricked the pastor by pretending to need help. He said the young woman cried and lied to the pastor that she was the wife of his church member and she needed assistance. He said the pastor believed her story and opened his door to help her.

Adegboye said immediately the door was opened, the rest of the kidnapping group rushed in and kidnapped the pastor. In Adegboye’s words: “She was crying that she needed the pastor’s help and that they should please open the door for her, that she is the wife of one of the church members. That is the story, the lie she sold to the pastor.

So as soon as the pastor opened the door for her, other members of her kidnapping group caught the pastor and took him away…CONTINUE READING>>

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