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These Are The Seven Untouchables Players Of Fc Barcelona Head Coach Xavi Hernandez

Xavi Hernandez is the head coach of Fc Barcelona in the Spanish premier division, he has signed new players to join their team play in other to have a competitive team to win lots of trophies and also make lots of great achievements for the team....CONTINUE READING

He has some players which is is counting on them to help him win trophies and also make some great achievements for the team.

Here are the seven untouchable players of Fc Barcelona head coach Xavi Hernandez.

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Starting from the goal post we have Marc Andre Ter Stergen, he has named the goal keeper as his first choice goal keeper across all competitions they will play.

So he want the goal keeper to be of good form in other to help the team keep lots of clean sheets and also win most of their matches.

The defenders he named Ronald Aroujo and Jules Kounde as the defenders he is counting on for his project at Fc Barcelona.

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He said the defenders are brilliant in defending and also preventing their opponents strikers from scoring goals. So he is counting on them in every game he play. He wants them to be outstanding and also no injury till the end of the season.

In the mid field he named Pedri Gonzalez and Pedri as his untouchable mid fielders, he said the players are fantastic in the mid field and looking at their ages. He added by saying they will be of good help to the team in the future.

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The strikers he named Robert Lewandolski and Ousmane Dembele, he want the players to be consistent in every game they play and also scoring goals at every point in time to help the team be at the winning ways.

So with these players and their teammates they can win lots of trophies and also make great achievements for the team as well.