A lady by the name of Clemente has painfully narrated how her husband almost killed her with acid because he was jealous of her after learning that he couldn’t make her pregnant.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

According to her, she got married to him when she was very young. When the time came for them to have a child, she couldn’t get pregnant.

Clemente says that her husband became very violent, and one day she decided to go to the hospital for a check-up and asked him to go with her.

After the results were out, the doctor broke the news to them, and that’s when they learned that her husband couldn’t make her pregnant. He was very stressed and thought that his wife would leave him and find another man to make her pregnant.

Clemente claims that on this fateful day, her husband came home with a bottle containing liquid. Before she could say a word, he poured the acid on her and ran away.

She was taken to the hospital and was admitted for almost a year, left with scars that hurt to this day.

Clemente is now pleading with well-wishers to help her raise the money to go for advanced treatment because she is in pain…CONTINUE READING>>

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