See the kind of text men sends you when he doesn’t love you. When a man doesn’t love you, but wants to keep you for sexual gratification only, he only values your body.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Love is supposed to be a profound tender affection we feel for the people we like. It can also be said to be an intense feeling or emotions we experienced when we are attracted to certain people. But when a man doesn’t love you, he shows you the warning signs but you are blinded by love and won’t see it.

He text you to meet you at an exclusive Hideout

The man that doesn’t like you will not want people to see him with you. So he text you to meet him in an exclusive place or a hideout. Such men can only visit or walk with you in the night. This is because the man is guilty of being with you and isn’t proud of you. So he tries his best to avoid you being seen in public together

There is no need for intimate affection with men or women who doesn’t want to have a future with us. If we do it, we will end up only hurting ourselves in the long run. See the texts they will sent to you when they don’t love you. It’s the best you know now. You can easily walk away now.

The man that doesn’t like you or love you is always in a lopsided conversion with you. He is not eager to see your text. You will be the one texting and he will simply reply with a simple ok ,thanks or good or how can we see.

You can decide to him all the love stories in your mind. And how you feel but because he is not on the same page with you, all he can do is to simply reply back with a simple phrase or word and that’s is all. Such men simply can’t waste their time, energy or brain on you. When you meet these types of men, take to your heels, only if you are also the player type.

A man that likes or loves you wants to be part of your life. He wants to know everything about you. For example, he wants to know what you ate. So when he texts you, he would surely asked questions.

The man loves you wants to know what are your future goals. He also wants to know how he can be of assistance to you. But a man who doesn’t ask you questions about your family, lifestyles ,goal and aspirations ,he isn’t into you.

A man that doesn’t love you, will surely not text back when you text him. This is because he doesn’t care about your feelings or emotions. He keeps you waiting for his text, you become full of anxiety, frustrated and downcast. While he enjoys that or might have forgotten you even exists.

A man that doesn’t like you only text you romantic text and sexual content. He sees you as a tool he can play with and dumped at anytime. He doesn’t makes any effort in validating your relationship .

For example like meeting his family, his friends or your own family. You will be the only person in the relationship and when he jets off, that’s when you know that he was a stranger all this while. The reason for you to think you don’t know him, was because you actually don’t know anything about him.

So when you conversed with a man and all he tells you is how romantic you are, how good you will be on bed, how your cloths fit you body and how your beautiful shape shows. All he cares is your body and anytime you give him, he gets satisfied, he lives you. Till the next moment again.

The man that doesn’t love you will tell you that he is busy but mark it, he will surely be less busy when he wants to get you. He detect the tune while you follow. You don’t matter, only him matters.

When a man doesn’t love you, he can only text you when he is out. This is because that is the time he can spare with you and maybe meet with you . Only when he needs something from you. He can’t text you at home, probably he is married and he values his wife or girlfriend.

When a man can’t text you back at work, he doesn’t love you. When you confront him, he gives excuses. The only time such men calls or text you, its when he needs you. The man that loves you is anxious to see your text and will surely reply you anytime, anywhere.

When he see or meet you online, he is only interested in liking your pictures or bodily features. That is his main interest and nothing more. And when he eventually meets with you, he only discuses romantic talks to seduced you and when he gets what he wants, he dumbs you.

When a man likes you, he texts you to know about your hopes, objectives and aspirations. He will text you in order meet up with you to discuss your feature.

A man that loves you, wants to know how you are doing, he really want to see you. A man that doesn’t like you will wants to meet you when he feels like doing it. Your relationship with him is nothing but sexual. Anything more than that, you are not important to him.

When he isn’t interested in you, he only sends you short texts messages. Example, Hi, How can we meet, you where so good last time. Nothing more romantic like how he misses your conversation with you.

How he always thinks about you, what kind of future he wants to built you. The man that’s in love with you will spend long time to text you. But the man that doesn’t love you is a phrase maker. He is good at short sentences….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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