There are super natural things that exist in this world that even scientists finds it difficult to understand. Some include the devil triangle in Atlantic Ocean, a section whereby any plane or boat passing near will disappear mysteriously never to be seen again.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Another amazing nature is about two Rivers in Nigeria, River Orashi and Ogbuide. The two rivers meets to form one stream but its water never mix.

Since the color of water from each of the two rivers are distinct, the difference can easily be seen. Water flowing from river Ogbuide is clean while that of Orashi is a bit muddy and as they flow, a distinct boundary is formed as if there’s a glass boundary at the middle of the river.

Normally, water will always mix up but a sample obtained from the two rivers never mix. It forms a layer of two liquids in a container and researchers have concluded that this happens because the densities are different. There are also claims that water from the streams can split glass into two when mixed.

Difference in density causes the stream to separate. But how is that even possible? If densities were different the denser would flow at the bottom and the lighter would flow at the surface. But in this case, the stream flows sideways…CONTINUE READING>>

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