Imagine an island on Lake Victoria where snakes rule, and women are not allowed. Welcome to Musambwa Island, a place steeped in mystery and tradition.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Musambwa Island is home to over 2,000 snakes, including venomous and harmless species. The islanders believe these snakes are sacred spirits, protecting the island and its inhabitants.

About 100 men live on the island, but women are not permitted to stay. The men believe that women’s presence would disrupt the island’s delicate balance and offend the spirits.

The men on the island are skilled fishermen, using traditional methods to catch fish in the lake. Musambwa Island is also a birdwatcher’s paradise, with numerous species breeding and nesting here.

Musambwa Island is recognized as a Ramsar site, a prestigious designation for wetlands of international importance. This unique island is a place of wonder, where nature, culture, and mystery entwine.

Women can visit briefly, but they cannot stay. This mystical island remains a male-only domain, where snakes and men live in harmony, bound by ancient beliefs and traditions…CONTINUE READING>>

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