The head coach of Tottenham Hotspur, Antonio Conte, has expressed himself in a post match interview after his team’s goal spree draw with 20th placed Southampton....CONTINUE READING

Antonio Conte said that he can only see Selfish players in his team, players that do not in any want to help themselves or each other and also don’t put their heart into what they are doing.

He said that there is no fire, neither is there any desire in the players, and it is a much-needed attitude in every playing moment. He said that when you are not a team, there’ll be no way that you’ll improve.

Quoting Conte, he said, “I see Selfish players, players that don’t want to help each other and put their hearts into this. There is no fire or desire, you need to have these in every moment. When you are not a team, you won’t improve.”

Tottenham Hotspur had the lead in the first half, but it was blown away into a draw by a goal by Adams. The spurs retained their lead and made it 3 after Kane and Perisic scored respectively, before a comeback from Southampton made it a 3-3 draw. Tottenham are still in the top 4 with 1 point below Manchester United and 2 points above Newcastle United.

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