President William Ruto on Wednesday, July 10 accused some foreign powers and Kenyans abroad of using the Gen Z-led demonstrations to force him out of power.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

He made the remarks while atKimuka, Kajiado County where he commissioned the Kimuka Sub-Station that will serve more than 600,000 people in Karen, Dagoretti, Kikuyu, Kabete, Ngong, Matasia, Magadi and Ngemwa.

The Head of State claimed that some unidentified individuals were running schemes aimed at discrediting his reputation and causing a new kind of division in the country, one not involving tribal lines.

Ruto went on to tell those whom he stated were living abroad to get that through their head that Kenya is a country of democracy.

“To those people making plans in foreign countries and sponsoring whatever it is, I want to tell them that Kenya is a democratic nation,” he said.

In response to growing calls for him to resign, Ruto urged his political detractors and those asking him to step aside owing to the recent protests to be patient and that it will be during the general elections when Kenyans will be the ultimate decider on who will take the reins next at State House.

According to him, those seeking his position will have to wait for 2027 when voters will determine whether he will stay or a fresh face will pick him.

“In 2027 we will be subjected to an exam by these people of Kenya, so there is no need to disturb each other right here in the middle. Let us wait for the test to see who will pass and who will fail,” he added.

Ruto expressed confidence in terms of facing the electorates across the country in three years’ time in a bid to secure a second term, avoiding setting unwanted history as the first president in the Republic of Kenya to be in power for one term.

“We are a democratic nation and in a democracy, it is the citizens who will decide who will lead them during the elections so everyone should put their house in order. I’m planning ahead. We will meet at the ballot,” he affirmed.

He alsowarned Kenyans to be weary of those who want to annihilate the country by wreaking havoc. He asked the citizens to be cautious and shun politics that tends to disturb peace.

There has been a wave of dissatisfaction towards Ruto’s government with young Kenyans leading intense calls for his resignation, but the President responded by opening his office to the youth, whom he has been accused of failing to engage adequately.

From multi-sectoral forums to online conversations via X Spaces to meeting demands such as implementing austerity measures within his government and implementation of key bills into law such as the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) (Amendment) Bill, 2024, Ruto is seeking to adhere to the demands set forth by the Gen Zs, among other Kenyans and quieten the calls that could threaten to manifest into an impeachment motion against him…CONTINUE READING>>

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