President William Ruto has thrown down the gauntlet to Kenyan youth, inviting them to a direct dialogue via X (Twitter) Space on Thursday, July 4, or Friday, July 5. This bold move follows widespread criticism of his administration’s communication failures with the younger generation.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

During a candid round table interview with digital media at State House, Nairobi on Sunday, President Ruto acknowledged his government’s shortcomings in engaging with young Kenyans.

This admission comes on the heels of mounting online discontent, particularly from Gen Z, who have clamoured for dialogue with the government through X Space.

Ruto’s administration has faced a turbulent two weeks, with young Kenyans vociferously demanding his resignation. In response, the President is now seeking to open his office to the youth, whom he has been accused of failing to engage adequately.

“I hear the young people are saying they don’t want a multisectoral forum. Maybe we should have an engagement with the President on X. I’m open to having an engagement with the young people on a forum they are comfortable with. If they want me to engage with them on X, I will be there,” Ruto declared in an earlier televised interview.

Speaking to the digital media team, he added, “Tell me who among you is going to set up the X Space and either Thursday or Friday, I will be there. I want us to discuss taxation, unemployment, corruption, and all issues.”

The X Space platform has recently been a hotbed of activity, with the youth using it to voice their grievances and demand accountability from the President. This dialogue invitation comes as Ruto attempts to salvage his administration’s credibility following widespread protests and calls for his resignation.

In recent weeks, President Ruto has faced a storm of protests against the contentious Finance Bill 2024. He has since withdrawn the bill and promised significant changes within the executive, including the abolition of the offices of the First Lady and Second Lady.

This move is seen as an effort to appease the disgruntled youth and regain public trust.

“We have many young leaders from churches and other institutions. Let them step forward and lead this conversation,” Ruto urged.

The President’s willingness to engage directly with the youth signifies a significant shift in his approach to governance. He has shown an understanding of the importance of addressing the youth’s concerns comprehensively.

“I have young people in the house, and I know some of their concerns,” he said, acknowledging the need for a more inclusive dialogue.

Ruto’s administration has been under intense scrutiny following the recent anti-Finance Bill protests, which led to the deaths of more than 20 people.

The President revealed that property worth Ksh2.4 billion was either destroyed or set ablaze during the protests. He maintained that criminal elements had exploited the demonstrations to cause destruction, including the burning of Parliament and other critical government infrastructure…CONTINUE READING>>

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