President William Ruto has urged the newly appointed Kenya Defence Forces Commanders to be firm but at the same time fair to their juniors....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Speaking on Friday, Ruto said that this is the only way the KDF can be strengthened to ensure the security and integrity of the country.

“You will have officers, men and women serving under you, be firm and fair so that we can grow the Kenya Defence Forces and make it an institution that will provide for the security and integrity of our nation,” Ruto said.

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“You have a most important responsibility in the protection of our country, its citizens and our sovereignty as a nation.”

The Head of State spoke at State House, Nairobi, after the military bosses took the oath of office.

The President noted that the KDF has a rich history of professionalism and one that is filled with positive things about Kenya.

He said the new leadership right from the Chief of Defence Forces must live up to that reputation.

He added that they must also hold the Defence Forces with the high regard Kenyans hold it with.

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“Our Kenya Defence Forces has a history of professionalism, loyalty, commitment and a history that speaks many positive things about the Republic of Kenya. I exhort you to live up to that history and hold Kenya Defence Forces in the high esteem that people of Kenya hold the Kenya Defence Forces,” Ruto added.

Ruto told the new military bosses that their mandate is to serve all Kenyans equally regardless of their regions or faiths.

“None of you has been appointed to serve your communities, regions, faiths or any other partisan pursuit. Your mandate and responsibility is to the people of Kenya,” he said.

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Ruto reminded them that the assignment bestowed on them was to serve the Republic and the people of Kenya.

He said that they must always remember that it is a solemn responsibility and they will exercise authority, which comes with huge responsibility.

The President also assured them that they have his full backing even as they take on their new jobs..CONTINUE READING>>

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