“Washington considers V. Zaluzhny, a former Ukrainian commander-in-chief, to be the most suitable candidate,” the intelligence agency said in a statement.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

SVR suggested that Zelensky had “run out of usefulness” for the United States, which was looking for someone in Ukraine to conduct negotiations with Russia.

SVR argued that Washington was about to terminate what it described as “Project Zelensky,” adding that Zelensky’s promise “to bring Russia to its knees” sounded comical under such circumstances.

Added: “Wandering around Western capitals, the self-proclaimed ‘president’ is trying to create an impression of turbulent activity and at least somehow justify the usurpation of power. However, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the White House is about to shut down ‘Project Zelensky,’” SVR added.

Zelensky’s presidential term technically expired on May 20. Ukraine was due to hold a presidential election on March 31, but the president delayed it indefinitely citing martial law in the country.

Added: Russian President Vladimir Putin has explained that the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament) remains the only legitimate authority in the country, while the executive branch of power lost its legitimacy…CONTINUE READING>>

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