Rose Mutua knows exactly how it feels to experience poverty. After breaking free from the shackles of poverty, she never knew that life would throw her back where she started.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Here is her story as told by WoK. Background and Education. She was born in Makueni county in a family of seven children. She was the second born. They lost their mother early in life and their father did not know how to deal with his grief. He found solace in alcohol to drown his sorrows.

After completing her Certificate of Primary Education (CPE), she passed but the family had no money to help her further her education. At the time, they were staying with their grandmother.

This forced her to move to town to work as a maid. Her boss’s daughter thought she was too young and needed to be studying not working.

She was taken back to school and as expected, performed well in secondary school to earn a place in the university. She met her husband and the two settled down to start a family.

Moving up in life. Her husband secured a job at Toyota Kenya where he continuously climbed the career ladder. Rose got employed at a local bank and became one of the best sales person. During this time, she began to feel God was calling her to ministry.

Ministry. She joined a Bible school and quit her job to start her ministry. Initially, her husband could not understand this decision but he later got on board.

When she left work, her husband got an even better position which made up for the income that was lost when she quit

The determined woman partnered with another person and they started the ministry. They first rented a place before her husband helped them purchase land. They went on to establish a church and a music studio.

The ministry focused on helping locals and they would even teach women how they could earn a living and take care of their families. They also nurtured youngsters and allowed them to record music at the studio.
Going Downhill and hope for the future

Things took a drastic turn when she received a call one night that a group of police had arrived and were vandalizing things at the church.

Apparently, someone had claimed the land belonged to them. Without warning, the land was seized and all their things destroyed.

They had invested millions on the land and more than half a million on the studio. To add to their misfortune, her husband lost his job. They tried to fight for their land to no avail.

The family was forced to relocate to the village where they have been struggling to rise again. She has a poultry project and hopes to drill a borehole to try her hand in farming. The woman of God still says she would set up another church…CONTINUE READING>>

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