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Rodrygo: I Dedicated The Goal To My Brother, Vini

“Racism has no place in this world,” underlined Camavinga....CONTINUE READING

Real Madrid got the better of Rayo Vallecano thanks to an 89th-minute Rodrygo strike and the Brazilian forward commented: “It’s special to get on the scoresheet again, I have to keep it up. We were expecting a difficult game.

We were up against a very good team but we played well. We struggled at times, but in the end I’m so happy to get my goal, we’re all pleased.”

“I dedicated the goal to my brother, Vini. We’re always together, we have been through so much together because we left Brazil at such a young age. Coming to this club, with its greatness, winning it all with this team and now to have to go through this situation is so sad.

I include myself in this because I am black as well. I want to send him my best and let him know I will always be there for him, he knows that. We will continue to fight against racism.”

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How did you experience the support?

“It’s been special, all the support for Vini has been beautiful. The things that have happened to him could happen to a lot of players. We know that it has happened time and again in football in the past. But we’re happy because we’ve seen the world come together to fight this.”

Camavinga: “You have to help the team out always”

“We started the game as we always do. I don’t know if there’s a button that wakes us up, as you say, I just play. I’m not a full-back, I’m a central midfielder but as I always say, you have to help the team. I always try and help the team, that’s what I have to do.”

“The most important thing here is to finish as high as possible. We know what we want to do and since we can no longer get first place, we’re going to fight for second.”

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Assessment of the season

“We always want to win the Champions League here, but it’s been a good season. We won three titles, it’s not bad. We know you have to win the Champions League here, but we’ll fight to do that next season.”

Shirts in support of Vini Jr.

“It was beautiful. There is no place for racism in this world. What we did before kick-off is good for everyone, for the world. We have to eradicate racism.”

Carvajal: “We want to finish as high up as possible”

“It’s difficult to bring a good pace to this kind of game, our season is pretty much finished. We play due to our professionalism and because we have to compete to the end. It’s as if Raúl’s goal woke us up and we managed to create two or three chances.”

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“We try to win every game we play and finish as high up the table as we can, that’s obvious. We haven’t been able to take first place so we’re going to try and finish second.”

Possible second yellow card

“I tried to cut the ball out but I didn’t quite get there so I tried to pull my leg back so as not to trip Óscar. He left his leg there and dived a bit but the referee had a good view of it. I don’t think it was a yellow card.”

Support for Vini Jr.
“Everyone gets right behind this. It cannot be allowed to go on. We have to improve and try and ensure it doesn’t happen again because it isn’t fair.”