Rev Timothy Njoya on Friday, June 28 denied allegations that President William Ruto gave them money during a meeting at State House on Wednesday, June 26.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

The human rights activist noted that the meeting was aimed at raising major issues facing the country and offering solutions to the problems.

He maintained that the church leaders, who requested to have the meeting, were the ones who gave Ruto their petition, insisting that no money was exchanged.

“We offered solutions to him. We were not invited, we asked to go there. Nobody gives me money,” Njoya stated.

On the other hand, he revealed that the church leaders raised concerns over the millions that were being dished by the politicians in churches.

He noted that the church leaders wondered how some of the politicians had accumulated the wealth. As a matter of principle, the leaders also called on Ruto to stop making donations to churches. Critics have always blamed the church for being silenced by the donations made by politicians.

“We told Ruto to stop giving money to churches. That he did not answer because we asked him so many things, but he seemed to agree,” he detailed.

Additionally, Njoya revealed that they raised various concerns about the current situation in the country especially on the use of excessive force during the protests.

“He told us that he was going to stop these killings. He acknowledged the excesses. He said that he was going to stop it. “We told him that he should dismantle the corruption system. He responded positively at that point,” he added.

Ruto has been meeting with religious leaders after the Finance Bill protests which turned chaotic on Tuesday, June 25. The Head of State is set to unveil a framework for dealing with the issues raised by the youth…CONTINUE READING>>

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