Perhaps, one of the best relationships in the world that perfectly describes the famous one-liner, “love knows no boundary”, is the story of the world’s tallest girl Elisany da Cruz with her short husband, Francinaldo da Silva....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Elisa is a 25-year-old Brazilian who measures a staggering 6ft 8ins tall while his boyfriend is 5ft 4ins. This literary means that Franc reaches below her shoulder height when the two are standing together.

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The couple met while Elisa was just 16 years old. She initially did not see their relationship working and as such, she used to reject his marriage proposals.

“I told him many times, ‘do not ask me to marry you because my answer will be no’”, Elisa recounted in an interview adding that, “I just didn’t like him and wanted to hit him every time we met”.

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Frank never gave up despite her fierce rejections. He confessed that he always had a taste for tall ladies and was not whatsoever prepared to let her go.

“He was talking to another girl and I was jealous,” she said. “He intrigued me – I wanted to know more about him.”

Franc and Elisa later agreed to marry each other and are now blessed with a baby boy called Angela. Below are some of their lovely photos.

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But, amidst her rejections, Elisa recalled how she started feeling jealous every time she saw Franc standing with another lady..CONTINUE READING>>

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