Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag has urged Manchester United’s new owners to learn from the mistakes of Todd Boehly’s disastrous debut season as owner of Chelsea....CONTINUE READING

“At this moment, the Premier League is the centralisation of good players and of the best managers,” Ten Hag said in his pre-match press conference ahead of United’s clash against Chelsea on Thursday night.

“Also [it’s about] the money. It’s all here in the UK. That makes a great competition but a tough and a hard competition and you have to do the right things.

“You can have money, but you have to spend it in a smart way and also you need the right strategy behind it, because otherwise money doesn’t work.

“When there is no strategy behind it, or not the right strategy, money doesn’t work.

“I think we are in a good direction, but also I think we also can learn from the season and we have to evaluate it after the season and make the right conclusions for the future. And that’s what we will definitely do after the season.”

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