Portable Omolalomi has just inked his signatures, ‘Ika Of Africa’, ‘Azaman’, and ‘Zazzu’ on his face in Cyprus. In the video he shared hours ago, he was seen bearing the pain of the tattoo as the tattooer inks his forehead and cheek....CONTINUE READING

The singer who recently shut down his show in Cyprus captioned his post, “Zazzu, Ika Of Africa”.

This video triggered thousands of reactions as fans never expected that he could tattoo his face. They dropped hilarious remarks as they hailed him. A content creator likened him to popular American rapper, Trippie Redd aka 555 who also tattooed his face.

Portable is one of the happening singers in the music industry. He’s well known as a controversial musician and this has kept him in the spotlight, since his hit song, Zazuu with Olamide.

He’s a very hardworking singer and has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.


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