Reaction As Portable To Sue His Friends For Beating His Sister To Stupor

Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, a well-known singer in Nigeria, cried out after being physically assaulted by a few of his close friends for interfering in their argument with his sister.

On Friday, the singer announced this via his Instagram Story.

The musician said that his companions’ attack left him with serious physical injuries to various parts of his body and hospitalized his sister.

The men who beat Portable up claimed to be friends with him and related how he helped them and how they envied him for his success.

It is evident, he said in Pidgin English. You make me run for people in this life like you make me run for people. Get away from people as you get bigger.

Dem doesn’t care if you succeed. Dem did shake me, okay. My nigga shocked me, na. I’m not sure what he used to stun me with. Back then, we didn’t gather dey. Considering I made them, I continue to assist them.

A few hours later, the musician posted on Instagram that he had taken legal action and informed his attorney about the occurrence.

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