Qatar 2022: Mbappe Takes The Ronaldo And Pogba Route

Kylian Mbappe refuses to pose with the Budweiser banner after winning the Man of the match award.

In Euro 2020 that was played in 2021, we saw a move from two of the biggest stars in world football that broke the internet, and even affected the stock market.

We saw footballers put their personal branding and personalities first before the big money sponsors of various sporting events, we have seen these cases before, of players refusing to endorse certain brands because of their religious or personal convictions, but the players involved in the Euros had enough clout to make it a topic that lasted for days.

Cristiano Ronaldo In a presser moved the bottles of one of the biggest sponsors in any instance, Coca Cola, away from the range of the cameras, because he did not want to be associated with ‘unhealthy drinks’, as body health and wellbeing is a huge part of his personal branding.

We also saw Paul Pogba do the same some days after this time with bottles of Heineken because he is a practicing Muslim and alcohol is forbidden in Islam. We have seen many Muslim footballers over the years take such grand stand over religious convictions, Frank Ribery, Idrissa Gueye, Xerdan Shaqiri e.t.c.

Kylian Mbappe has won three Man of the match awards in the World Cup so far, against Denmark, Australia and most recently against Poland.

After winning the first two man of the match awards, Kylian Mbappe refused to pose in front of the Budweiser banner while taking pictures for the award, as is required because Budweiser is the official sponsor for the award.

The PSG superstar also refused to appear for the mandatory press conference for the winner of the man of the match award for the same reasons and the French FA were fined by FIFA which Mbappe has announced he would be paying for, because he does not want other people paying for his own decisions.

Kylian Mbappe has been very intentional about his personal branding and even went to war with the French FA a few months back about the brands he would and would not be endorsing as a member of the French national team.

Mbappe has already refused to partake in campaigns for Coca Cola, KFC, and Belin, as he does not want to be associated with alcoholic brands, beverages, fast food chains, betting companies, amongst others.

There are reports that he had it written into his new contract with PSG that he has full control over the brands he would be representing.

There are many suggestions that Kylian Mbappe is doing this for religious reasons as his Mother is of Algerian descent, ergo a Muslim. There is belief that Kylian Mbappe is a Muslim and that is his major reason.

However, Kylian Mbappe’s father is a Christian, and Mbappe has not associated with the religion nor is it clear if his mother still practices the religion.

It is also worthy of note that Islam does not have rulings against taking beverages or consuming fast food, all which are included in Mbappe’s list of don’ts, making it seem more like personal conviction than something with religious intents.

Kylian Mbappe endorses brands like Nike, Home and Hublot.

The Budweiser boycott would not be the last for Mbappe, in fact it could be the start of many louder protests.

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