Popular Gospel Actor and Evangelist, Mike Bamiloye in a recent post on his official Facebook page sends an important message to believers in Nigeria on why we need to trust and have faith in God for our nation because we have prayed. He titled it, “What Is Wrong With Us?”...CONTINUE READING

According to him, when you have prayed, why are you panicking? Many of us are like Jesus Disciples in the boat. They see Jesus resting inside the boat they were on, and there was storm, and they were still panicking, running up and down.

We know how to Pray and do Vigils, but we dont know how to believe the God we have prayed to. Where is the Faith in the Prayers we have prayed?

He further said, “We know how to Intercede in marathons of 21 days Prayers and Fasting for the Nation, but yet we will still carry the problems of the nation on our Head , instead on dropping them at the feet of Christ, as if the God we have prayed to does not answer prayers again. GOD IS GOD. He does not change, but He can change His plans and still fulfill His purpose.

He then said that we don’t know how to rest in the Lord; we don’t know how to hand the nation over to God and rest; We don’t know how to watch Him fight our battles for us. We think we are wise. He also said that we prayed that God should fight for Nigeria, but push Him behind and fight the war ourselves.

He said, “Many times, we would raise prayer altars for the nation for God to fight for us, and next, we would push God behind and go ahead to lead the War ourselves. And we make fools of ourselves and ridicule the Altars of God. Let God do what only Him can.

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