Why Potter Should Warn Felix To Take Chelsea’s Games More Seriously And Committedly

Chelsea football club might be facing a lack of scoring many goals based on their poor cooperation and performances.

Meanwhile, Potter should try to caution Felix to be more serious.


Chelsea’s squad conceded a goal against Leicester City courtesy of the mistake of Felix: The goal which Chelsea squad conceded against Leicester City would be pointed towards Felix whose sluggish attitude of distributing the pass to his teammates or clearing it away.

This will be the second time that he (Felix) made a mistake that led to Chelsea’s squad conceding a goal. The delay of Joao Felix in distributing passes most times demoralizes some of his (Felix’s) teammates following the disappointment of not receiving sharp and swift passes from him (Felix).

The Chelsea squad is a team and needs cooperation to always obtain positive results: Most times it seems that Joao Felix plays a sole pattern of football which sometimes dulls the performances of Chelsea’s squad yielding poor results too.

At times, Felix fires for goals which he misfires most times, even when he (Felix) should have made an assist for someone else to score. Chelsea’s squad might face goal droughts if Felix continues with such poor cooperation with his teammates.

Hence the need for Potter to caution Felix to abolish his solo pattern of playing and start work with his teammates.

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