Portable Clash Back With Singer, Goya Menor [Video]

Nigerian singer, Portable has reacted back to his colleague, Goya Menor who told him to behave himself earlier yesterday following the event of the Headies Award thee took place.

Goldennewsng reports that It all started when Portable reacted to him winning ‘Best Street-Hop’ at the 15th Headies, aying he didn’t deserve the award.

In a video he posted on social media, the Zazuu star bragged that he has different hit songs which the streets are vibing to whereas Goya Menor has not released any songs till date.
Goya Menor

He described the award-winning singer as nothing but a hype man who is allowing himself to be deceived.

After seeing the clip, the Street-Hop winner took to his Instagram page to state that he has class more than Portable.

He boasted that he almost graduated with a first class from the University while Portable is unable to find his KG3 result. Goya Menor said that there is no room for any comparison between two of them.

However, hours after the post made headlines, the Zazuu star responded with a video of him raining insults on Menor.

He asked the Ameno crooner if his certificate has helped him to have a successful career or to fly to the United States of America.

Portable said that he has primary and secondary school certificate but he does not have university certificate because he chose to pursue a career in music.

He went on to lash out by saying that he is richer than Goya and his father and is even more educated than his dad.

Watch the video HERE:

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