The Politicians Have Influenced The Yorubas’ Thinking That the Igbos Might Take Lagos From Us – Jimi Disu

Jimi Disu, a Nigerian journalist and analyst at Nigeria Info FM, has recently spoken out against the tribal bigotry that has led to tensions between the Igbos and Yorubas in Lagos State. Disu claims that politicians have stoked fears among the Yoruba population that the Igbos will conquer the city.

In case you forgot, the Yorubas insist that they are the true native inhabitants of Lagos and that the easterners are only guests, while the Igbos claim that Lagos is a no man’s land.

When asked for his reaction, Jimi Disu remarked, “What is occurring is terribly embarrassing to me as a Yoruba person and as the Lagosian that I am.

Several people have helped our politicians believe that the Igbos intend to seize control of Lagos by spreading false rumors. Changing our mindset is the key to avoiding this feeling.

If it weren’t for the political elites who easily swayed our thinking, “the regular man have always learned to live together in peace with themselves,” but now “the hate is mind-bordering” and “the society is becoming seemingly separated.”

He also urged his fellow Lagosians to put aside their differences and reject violence

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