The Directorate of Cr*minal Investigations (DCI) Athi River has recovered the vehicle belonging to the suspect in the death of popular Ohangla dancer Sheila Odoyo....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Athi River sub-county DCI Wesley Langat said 45-year-old Jackson Bambo, the husband of the 38-year-old s***n dancer, is the pr*me suspect in her death.

Sheila’s lifeless b*****************d by detectives in her bedroom on Thursday, May 9, 2024, at 3 pm by a family member.

Police have since unravelled that the suspect left the scene at 1 am Thursday morning using his vehicle which was recovered in Nairobi CBD.

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The suspect left the c*r keys to a guard to whom he transferred Ksh450 via Mpesa. He then left with three bags promising to c*me back shortly.

“We managed to trace the c*r to Nairobi CBD where a guard revealed details of how the suspect left the c*r. The money transferred to the guard was meant to pay the parking fee and exchanging the phone number was a surety to the guard that the suspect would c*me back. We have since driven the vehicle to Athi River police station,” Lang’at said.

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The DCI boss disclosed that the deceased succ*mbed to i*****es inflicted using a sharp object which slit her throat.

Langat noted that the suspect was last traced to Narok County.

He stated that detectives have launched a m*****t for the suspect and investigations into the incident.

“We are treating the husband as the pr*me suspect of the murder incident. He may run but cannot hide from the wrath of the law,” Langat added.

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The deceased and her husband own an entertainment joint in Nairobi dubbed JB where they frequently spent time together.

The vehicle belonging to the suspect also bears JB brand signage.

Sheila Odoyo’s body is being preserved at Shallom C*mmunity Hospital awaiting postm***em..CONTINUE READING>>

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