Nigerians have reacted to a recent video of singer Davido, where a police officer in his uniform was seen washing his newly purchased Rolls Royce Cullinan....CONTINUE READING

Many have condemned the officer for doing the cleaning while wearing the uniform of the Nigerian police force, while others blamed it on the poor salary of police officers.

In a way, if this is actually true, then it is actually not a good development, even if he wanted to clean the vehicle, it shouldn’t be on the NPF uniform, because it ruins the reputation of the police.

However, Those criticizing the officer are not aware that he may actually be a spy police and not a real police officer.

A spy police is a special department in the Nigerian police force, who are usually designated for special functions. They are usually deployed to protect public and private facilities or carry out certain functions that require security.

The spy police are not paid by the NPF, but by private organisations that request their service. These spy police are usually drivers, escort, security guards e.t.c.

In Nigeria, It’s completely legal to do such jobs if you are a spy police.

So let us not be too quick to judge and condemn the officer, as he may actually be doing his job as a spy officer.

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