Why We Have Plenty Added Time To Games In Qatar 2022

The World Cup in Qatar has been wonderful since the games started and there is no doubt many football followers and supporters both in Qatar and all the viewing centres around the world have been wondering why we experience more added times in the games played so far both in the first and second halves....CONTINUE READING

During the injury checks on Iranian Goalie and England’s Defender, Harry Maguire in England’s 6-1 win over their Middle East brothers, time consumed was much and it’s understandable that the time was what the Referee added to the game later on but to some level of belief, it was shocking as almost 30 minutes was added in both halves.

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Taremi’s penalty conversion for Iran also came in the 13th minute of added time to balance the game.

The Netherlands as well are beneficiary of 8 minutes of added time in their 0-2 win over Senegal, where their second goal came at the last minute of the stoppage time.

The USA clash against Wales was also a sign for the unusual added time, as 9 minutes was added to the game. It was then many began to wonder why it’s looking Strange as the games progresses.

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An explanation by FIFA Referees Committee Chairman, Legendary Pierluigi Collina has helped rest some raging questions troubling people’s mind.

The chairman explained that football supporters will need to expect more of these time additions as long as Celebrating goals which he said takes time at least a minute per goal, the VAR check which also takes time according to the Referee’s discretion needs more time to get a game balanced.

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The Former World Class referee further told ESPN that if we want more accurate time for proper calculation of wasted time in games, then fans all over the World must be prepared to see big added time displayed by the 4th official as the World Cup Games continues.

With the look of things do you think FIFA can justify these added times when decisive goals keep on coming in longer added times? Share your thoughts and follow for more stories.

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