Peter Obi Supporters Protest In Abuja As They Are Dressed In Black, Gives Reasons Why They Protest

Several Labour Party supporters reportedly showed up in significant numbers to protest the 25th of February presidential election, which Bola Tinubu won, according to reports made available to newsmen. Peter Obi’s supporters thought that Obi had secured the presidency.

In response to the recently completed presidential election in Nigeria, protests have broken out in Abuja, the capital of the country.

In order to show their rage, the protesters, who are Peter Obi’s Labour Party supporters, have taken over the Unity Fountain.

With signs reading “We stand for Justice, we fight for a new Nigeria,” “President Buhari keep your promise,” and “Democracy not INECcracy,” the protesters were dressed all in black.

The demonstrators pleaded with President Muhammadu Buhari to prevent the collapse of Nigeria on behalf of “the people.

The demonstration was brought on by reports that Peter Obi, the party’s presidential candidate, had gone to court to contest Bola Tinubu’s victory.

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