A group of hackers called Anonymous has issued a serious warning to President William Ruto and Members of Parliament. They are against the Finance Bill 2024, which they say will harm Kenyan citizens with new taxes.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Anonymous is well-known worldwide for using the internet to protest and take action against governments and big companies. They’ve been active since the mid-2000s, gaining attention for their digital activism.

Recently, Anonymous hackers posted a video online addressed to President Ruto and MPs. They warned that passing the Finance Bill would lead to consequences.

The hackers claimed they have access to MPs’ phone numbers and threatened to reveal personal information if the bill is approved.

The Finance Bill 2024 is a contentious issue in Kenya, with many citizens concerned about its impact on their finances. Anonymous stated in their video that they want the bill to be completely rejected, not just amended.

This isn’t the first time Anonymous has targeted Kenya. Previously, hackers linked to the group from Sudan carried out cyber attacks on various Kenyan government and private websites.

These attacks disrupted services and caused inconvenience to users of platforms like e-Citizen, Kenya Power, and Safaricom.

The group’s actions are part of their global strategy to influence decision-making through digital means. They have a history of targeting governments and organizations they believe are acting against the public interest.

As Kenyans debate the Finance Bill 2024, the threat from Anonymous adds a new dimension to the discussion. It underscores the power of online activism and the potential impact of digital protests on government policies…CONTINUE READING>>

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