The controversial Finance Bill 2024 has sparked significant controversy among legislators, with MP Oscar Sudi experiencing both support and backlash.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

His businesses were vandalized by angry protesters who alleged they were funded by taxpayers’ money.

However, Sudi refuted these claims with a series of video posts on social media, asserting that he amassed most of his wealth at a young age.

“In response to the uproar over the Harambee events I’ve attended, I want to clarify that I never contributed Ksh 20 million as alleged,”Sudi stated, dismissing the accusations.

“In fact, the church had raised 14 million and we topped it up with contributions from friends.”

Sudi also went on to say,”I bought my first Range Rover when I was 22 years old.”

The legislator recounted trekking at 14 and starting his first business selling fruits, urging the senator to cease his uproar over 20 million, especially since the church had already raised 14 million.

“From now on, I will refrain from participating in any fundraisers as they have been misused to tarnish good intentions. Let them be banned.

The current situation in the country calls for reflection, and therefore, I am taking a sabbatical from public engagements,”Sudi declared.

He attributed his decision to public outcry and his own peace of mind, adding that he might retire from politics to focus on his businesses…CONTINUE READING>>

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