Siaya Governor James Orengo now wants President William Ruto to resign, arguing that there is too much public anger against the Kenya Kwanza government.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

He says that if President Ruto was listening to the people’s mood in the country, he could resign because Kenyans are fed up with the current administration.

“If Ruto was listening to the mood of Kenyans. Talking to him will not resolve anything; there is too much anger against the Kenya Kwanza administration. If he is truly a Christian, he should just resign with this entire government,” Orengo said on Sunday.

Speaking in Bondo, the governor stated that in his estimation, the entire Kenya Kwanza government has failed Kenyans, made them angry and that it should to vacate office in its entirety.

“We can have international institutions to assist us, just like 2002 and 2007, to bring new processes that will enable our transition from this autocratic government to a new dispensation,” Orengo added.

Following the scrapping of the unpopular 2024 Finance Bill after deadly nationwide protests – which Ruto has warned will make Kenya resort to borrowing to sustain its expenditure – Orengo said Kenyans must now brace for head times ahead.

Orengo observed that government services will tremendously decrease.

President Ruto on Sunday painted a bleak picture of the country’s future, following the rejection of the Bill, saying Kenya has gone back two years and will need to borrow at least Ksh.1.2 trillion this year to keep the government operational.

He told a media roundtable at State House, Nairobi that dropping the Finance Bill means the government will be unable to, for instance, confirm 46,000 Junior Secondary School teachers on a permanent and pensionable basis.

The 2024 Finance Bill proposed increased taxation as Ruto’s government sought to raise an additional Ksh.346.7 billion in revenue for the 2024/25 budget…CONTINUE READING>>

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