If you are an average Nigerian internet user, you must have seen a video or a meme of the trending mummy G.O. whose real name is Evangelist Funmilayo Adebayo, the pastor of a church called Mountain of Solution in Ogun state. She became an internet sensation after videos of her ridiculous preaching emerged online....CONTINUE READING

Most of her messages have been centered on who goes to heaven or hell. She has gone further to mention the names of some celebrities and their fans who are going to hell. She has also mentioned some popular men of God that are on their way to hell. She listed out some ridiculous things that will take people to hell too.

At this point, Mummy G.O needs to understand that Christ Jesus is not the author of confusion. The great commission He gave to His disciples and by extension to every true child of God before leaving this world is that we should go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. Anyone who believes and is baptized shall be saved, and those who don’t believe will be damned.

Jesus Christ during his earthly ministry also showed us an example by going out to preach and asking sinners to repent and turn to God. He is not willing that anyone should perish but that all should come to repentance.

Heaven and Hell are real and these are places of eternal destiny based on our choice. In as much as they exist, it is not in our power to decide who goes to heaven or hell. We are not to conclude and judge that this or that person will go to either heaven or hell because we are not their God.

Our responsibility is to warn them to escape hell which is the place of eternal torment, suffering, and unending punishment for all those who refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

Therefore, it is not proper and Christlike for Mummy G.O to begin to list out the names of people in her prophecies and messages who are potential candidates of hell because it wasn’t her that died for their salvation. Jesus Christ is the only one who can save the worst of sinners who comes to him for mercy.

The person you feel and conclude that is going to hell today may be in heaven the next minute, just like the story of the thief on the cross who was with Jesus. I am of the view that Mummy G.O should stop mentioning the names of people she feels are potential candidates of hell, rather she should pray for their salvation.

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