The family and the lawyer of Ruiru Training College for Prisoners Constable Jackson Kuria Kihara are frantically searching for him after he went missing on Sunday.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Speaking to, Benjamin Njeru, the lawyer representing the Kenya Prisons Officer, who is known as Shakur, noted that he believed his client was abducted for participating in the anti-Finance Bill protests.

In one of the photos we obtained, Shakur can be seen holding a placard asking police officers to refrain from using live bullets and save them for Haiti gangs.

His lawyers explained that after he went missing, they filed a case with the police but are yet to locate him.

A photo of a person resting his hands on jail bars at a police station.


Kenya Prisons

“He went missing and we filed a missing persons report at Kiamumbi and we got an OB number but his case was quite different because photos of him were seen holding a placard which with a reject finance bill hashtag,” Njeru stated.

“He works for the Kenya Prisons Services which means that the limitation against picketing at Article 24 (5) does not apply to him.”

In an effort to prevent his arrest, his legal counsel secured an anticipatory bail for 30 days but before paying it, the client was reportedly abducted.

“We went to court and did an application for anticipatory bail and the same was posted yesterday and we received it today (Sunday). We got an anticipatory bail of Ksh100,000.

“Once we deposit Ksh100,000, he will not be arrested for 30 days until we go to court and the matter is heard and now you know he is abducted which is in violation of basic human rights,” he noted.

“We can’t pay anticipatory bail when someone is abducted. We have to present ourselves and actually pay for it. What we are doing on social media is to ensure that he is sound so the orders of the court can be affected,” Njeru added.

So far, north of 30 individuals have allegedly been abducted and others released for participating in the anti-Finance Bill protests that marred the country for two weeks.

In the latest case, former MP Alfred Keter was publicly taken from his vehicle on a road and detained at Kamukunji Police Station.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) later explained that he was arrested for conspiracy to traffic firearms and incitement to violence.

President William Ruto, however, in a roundtable interview explained that his administration is committed to respect the independence of the police service.

Babu Owino with Alfred Keter at Kamukunji police station after he was allegedly abducted in broad daylight…CONTINUE READING>>

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