I Have Obtained The Form For The Kogi Governorship Election – Said Melaye

Dino Melaye, a senator in the 8th National Assembly and a spokesman for the People’s Democratic Party’s presidential campaign council, reportedly announced his next political move in a conversation with a Punch journalist, according to news that was posted online by the Punch Newspaper this morning.

What is next for you (him)? was the question posed to him. Dino Melaye claimed during the interview that he had already acquired the Kogi State government forms.

He voiced confidence in his ability to win the party’s governor primary election, which will take place next month, when he was speaking.

He stated: “I have the ballots for the Kogi State governorship election. I’ve turned in my form, and I’m contesting. “The screening is the following week, the primary is on April 14, and the general election is in November, and I am confident that I will prevail.”

He stated, “I really believe in myself.”

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