As human beings, we love to share with others, it is our way of building a connection. We open up about our relationships, work, and family to either vent, or find solutions, hoping people can relate to the things we go through. But we always need to remind ourselves with one thing, that we can share, but not share things that are too personal....CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Personal life is called personal for a reason, and sadly enough, not everyone is to be trusted. Stating the ugly truth as it is, a friend today might turn an enemy the next morning, and not everyone has enough integrity to respect what you’ve shared with them before in moments of intimacy and closeness.

Plus, other things shouldn’t be shared just for the sake that this has nothing to do with anyone but you. So here are things that you should never share unless you are too sure about the person you are opening up to.

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1. Past mistakes and regrets.

We all may have dark secrets, one thing that we might have done in the past but regret and feel ashamed of today. First of all, we all make mistakes, and sometimes we make mistakes that are totally against our values, but yet nothing and no one should make you feel ashamed of your past.

However, you should be very cautious about what you share with others, you can never be sure that this person will not judge you or use those things against you.

2. Your financial status and income

Nowadays, people are nosy and curious enough to ask silly questions such as how much you make a month, or how well you are secured financially. But here is the thing, how much you earn is very personal and no one has the right to know it, even your partner if you are not comfortable sharing this piece of info with them.

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You on the other hand too, have no right to ask someone how much they earn a month or ask them about their properties and assets.

3. Family Issues

Every family has its issues and conflicts. Now, it is one thing to seek support from a friend to help you sort out an issue with your family, but saying negative things about your family that makes them feel exposed to strangers is a big no-no. What happens behind closed doors and family arguments should be kept between its members alone.

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4. Relationship matters

Things between you and your partners should be kept private between you both. The dynamics of your relationship and the intimate details are not things to be shared publicly with others or even your friends.

Every couple has their own way of functioning which works best for them, so, getting others involved in your problems or how you manage your relationship is not a really good idea.

5. Your weakness

You should be very selective about who you open up to get vulnerable with. Not all people have good intentions, and even worse, some people can make use of your weakness for their favor. It is sad to say that not everyone wants you good things, and people can turn against you when and if their interest conflicts with yours..CONTINUE READING>>

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