Nigerians In Libya Cry For Help, Say Police Move From House To House, Arresting Black Africans, Dump Them In Desert Without Food, Water

According to them, the Libyan police have arrested and imprisoned thousands of Nigerians in the country.

Nigerians living in Libya have called on the Nigerian government to rescue them from the atrocities of the police in the North African country.

According to them, the Libyan police have arrested and imprisoned thousands of Nigerians in the country.

They alleged that over 100 others were dumped in a desert area called Agadez, without food or water.

Agadez is 900km North West from the capital of Niger, Niamey and 700km South from the Libyan border.

One of the sources currently trapped in Libya told SaharaReporters that there is panic among the immigrant population in the country as the police go from house to house, searching and arresting Nigerians, including pregnant women and children whom they throw into prison “for no reason”.

According to the source, since the end of April 2023, the Libyan police have been tougher on non-Libyans.

“Libya is hot. They pack our Nigerian girls and people from other countries. They pack them in prison and now the prison is full. I heard that they packed them to a place called Oshofana, and that place, they always sell people.

“There is nowhere to stay now. Everything is hot for everybody. Please, we beg our Nigerian government to please come and help us in this situation because I heard that other people, their governments have been coming to evacuate them.

“Everything is hot. They are going from house to house to carry people. Even where I am, it is just because security is tight and just the help of God, not really because of the security. They are doing everything to us.

“We are passing through a lot. They are packing both men and women, including pregnant women and children. Any black person, they pack them. Exactly why they are doing it is what we don’t know.

“They reduced salaries and house rent is higher. They are just making things difficult for us and we do not know exactly what we did.

They are not even allowing us to get jobs or even go out because police are everywhere. To bail anyone in prison is N500,000 in Nigerian Naira equivalent, and yet, they don’t even release some,” the source said.

According to another source, those that have been put in prison are being starved.

The source said the Libyan authorities accused Nigerians and other black Africans of destroying their country by engaging in drug trafficking, sale of alcohol, stealing and causing food scarcity.

The source also said that the Libyan authorities said that the high rate of migrants in the country has led to food inflation.

According to the source, the authorities accuse migrants of not paying taxes while moving all the money they make to their home countries.

Therefore, the country no longer wants us, the source added.