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Next Tottenham Hotspur Manager? 5 Leading Potential Candidates

Usually, when we hear the phrase “parted ways by mutual consent,” we are skeptical because it rarely happens that both parties agree to end things....CONTINUE READING

Antonio Conte, on the other hand, made it clear that he wanted to be sacked in his emotional speech to the media on March 18.

We wrote about Tottenham’s decision to fulfill his wish earlier this week.

It’s time to start thinking about Tottenham Hotspur’s alternatives to Antonio Conte. Five possible replacements are listed below, in no particular order.

Nagelsmann, Julian

After being replaced by Thomas Tuchel at Bayern Munich over the weekend, he is once more available for hire. He is now thought to be the best candidate and most experienced coach available. Football Insider claims that White Hart Lane has already started to seek him.

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Glasner, Oliver

Glasner doesn’t appear ready to sign a new contract extension and appears to be weighing his options, therefore he might be seeking for a new job.

Despite Eintracht Frankfurt’s best efforts to keep him, it makes sense given the advancement he has brought to the team.

Glasner is the ideal candidate given the situation and the timing.

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Theodore De Zerbi

The Seagulls’ future was in doubt when Graham Potter departed Brighton & Hove Albion to manage Chelsea. De Zerbi is entirely to blame for their ability to keep up their momentum.

Is this the one, or may he soon leave for a more important position?

Michael Pochettino

The Argentine coach upped the team’s level and established some stability, although he was unable to end Tottenham’s trophy drought.

Under his leadership, Spurs experienced their most successful spell in recent memory, and he has indicated a desire to return to the Premier League.

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Yet his time with Paris Saint-Germain wasn’t all that impressive, which has hurt his present standing.

Martin Ryan

Despite being young, he has already received a great deal of experience by acting as Jose Mourinho’s temporary manager (who was followed by two other managers).

Once Conte left, there were rumors that he would take over as manager, but Cristian Stellini ended up filling the role.

Mason has however stayed with the team and is regarded as the most convenient and well-known choice for the team.