Hello everyone, I can provide you with some general advice on choosing a secure bank account PIN and why certain numbers should be avoided.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

1. Avoid Obvious Sequences: Refrain from using simple and obvious numerical sequences like “1234,” “5678,” or “4321.” These are among the first combinations someone might try if attempting to guess your PIN.

2. Avoid Repetitive Numbers: PINs with repeating digits, such as “1111” or “9999,” should be avoided as they lack complexity.

3. Avoid Birthdays and Anniversaries: Using easily discoverable personal information, such as your birthdate or wedding anniversary, is risky because it’s easily guessed or obtained by people who know you well.

4. Avoid Common Numbers: Stay away from PINs with common patterns like “2580” or “9876” as they are frequently used by many people.

5. Avoid Consecutive Numbers: PINs with consecutive numbers like “2345” or “6789” are not recommended due to their predictability.

6. Avoid Reversed Numbers: Using the reverse of an easily obtainable number (e.g., your phone number) as your PIN is not advisable.

7. Avoid Repeated Patterns: Patterns like “1122,” “3322,” or “2211” should be avoided as they are easy for others to spot.

8. Avoid “0000” and “9999”: These are common default PINs and should be changed immediately upon receiving a new account or card.

9. Avoid Social Security Numbers: Never use your Social Security Number as your PIN, as it’s a crucial piece of personal information that should remain secure.

10. Randomize Your PIN: The best approach is to create a random PIN that has no easily identifiable pattern or connection to personal information.

Remember, a strong PIN is crucial for protecting your financial assets and personal information. It’s good practice to change your PIN regularly and never share it with anyone else. If you suspect your PIN has been compromised, contact your bank immediately to update it and secure your account….CONTINUE READING THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

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