Jonathan Mutua Muoka went to work as usual on Tuesday, June 25, the day of the protests, expecting an unusual day.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

How many kids does Jonathan Mutua Have?

He said he arrived at his workstation near a Safaricom shop in Nairobi CBD at 6am, as is his routine.

Speaking to, the 52-year-old said it would be an hour before the business shop officially opened and ready for customers.

“By 9am, other businesses had already opened, but there was tension. Everyone knew it would be a tricky day, and they expected it. People had already arrived in town and were readying themselves for the protests. It was not long before there was a commotion. Everything was helter-skelter,” Mutua recalled.

The father of three said his colleagues asked him to shut them inside as the protest intensified with the police making their mark, showing up in the heat of the moment.

It was my duty, Jonathan Mutua Muoka

He could not draw the metallic mesh, which indicates that the shop is closed, if he was inside.

“You have to close it from outside, so I followed orders. It was my duty. So I humbly and obediently did what they asked. People were running all over. It was chaotic,” Mutua continued.

The husband to one lovely and supportive wife said he only had a mask to protect him.

He watched as the protests continued from early morning until around 4pm when he opened the shop and released his colleagues.

Where is Jonathan Mutua Muoka from?

Mutua from Utawala would hear the police shooting, yet he had to stand firm and protect his colleagues in the shop.

“It was my first time to be tear-gassed. I have never experienced something like this. Of course, I feared being the only security guard on that street. From left to right, there was no one except for the protesters who passed by. Some people who walked past me gave me water. It was the only aid I received.

“I can only say it is God’s grace that protected me throughout. I give Him all glory and honour because I do not know where I would be if it had not been for Him,” the brave guard noted.
Why did police officer pledge to resign?

Separately, a plainclothes police officer mourned the loss of his brother, who was fatally shot during protests over the Finance Bill.

The officer was seen crying inconsolably as he pledged to resign and return his police uniform in response to the incident.

Efforts to console the officer were unsuccessful as he continued to scream in anguish, pleading with the police to kill him as well…CONTINUE READING>>

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