David has narrated the hell he went through in his marriage. His wife, with whom he had two children, cheated on him barely a week after he fell sick and lost his job. When confronted, she defended herself by claiming that David didn’t satisfy her in bed and then disappeared.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

David was born and raised in Naivasha. Due to financial difficulties, he didn’t have the opportunity to attend school. When he matured, he joined a group of young men who fished at night in Lake Naivasha, selling their catch and occasionally indulging in drinks at a nearby club.

During one of these outings, he met a lady, and their friendship evolved into a relationship after a few months. They moved in together when she became pregnant. While his wife worked in flower plantations, David continued fishing. However, he developed an alcohol addiction, preventing him from saving any money. His wife took on the responsibility of paying rent and purchasing household items.

Their relationship was marred by frequent fights, exacerbated by David’s alcoholism. His health deteriorated due to lung problems caused by the cold nights spent fishing. Doctors advised him to quit alcohol and fishing, forcing him to stay at home while his wife provided for the family.

After six months, his wife left him alone in the house, claiming she was visiting a friend. Suspecting infidelity, David followed her and found her dressing in another man’s house, leading to a confrontation in which she accused him of sexual inadequacy, causing laughter among onlookers.

Heartbroken, David was left to care for their two children. He now seeks help from people of goodwill to find a job and provide for his kids…CONTINUE READING>>

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