Stephen has revealed how his wife changed after he lost his job. She would insult him and tell him that she was not going to feed a jobless man in her house. She went to the extent of denying him his conjugal rights, leaving him to sleep on the couch.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Stephen was born and raised in Nakuru. After completing his studies, he was employed at a missionary hospital. While working there, he got into a relationship with a lady, which ended up in marriage. Their marriage was good, and they were blessed with a child.

When their child was old enough to start school, Stephen started a business for his wife to sell clothes. He provided everything in the house, including her bus fare, to support their business. The business thrived so well that his wife could support him in buying food for the family.

One day, Stephen was informed by the management that he had to stop working due to an excess number of employees. He didn’t worry much since his wife’s business was doing well. He started working at construction sites to pay house rent and school fees.

His wife was responsible for buying foodstuffs in the house. After 3 months, she told him that she was not going to feed him anymore. Stephen asked her to pay rent and school fees, but she refused. She started disrespecting her husband, and whenever he requested his conjugal rights, she would deny him. She would sleep on the couch and avoid him altogether. They tried talking to their parents, but she didn’t change.

He decided to move out but still supports his children. He has advised women to stop disrespecting their husbands whenever they lose their jobs but instead support them…CONTINUE READING>>

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