Irene who was born in Nyeri ,in her interview narrated about the miserable life she went through from childhood till she was mature.....CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE>>>

Irene who is the third born and last born in her family,narrated how her parents died and being the youngest her older brothers and sisters didn’t bother to take care of her.

She would go to the neighbourhood and do some manual jobs to get food and be able to feed her sister who was mentally challenged

Irene had a friend who used to give her food while in school,one day when the school was close they went to the market and her friend bought her some foodstuffs.

Irene and her friend went to her friends home and found her brother’s friend slaughtering a sheep,after a few minute their grandfather stormed their homestead and he was very angry because the brothers had stolen the sheep.

They all run away, the following day her friend adviced her to escape and go to Nairobi where her parents were residing. She stayed in liberal for 3 years then she decided to go back to the village.

Her sisters were happy to see her and one of her sister who was living in Dandora decided to live with her, Irene and her sisters were still not in good terms. While there she had a friend who was working in hotel happened to find a job for her.

Her sister was angry with her and chased her out of her house, Irene decided to go to her friends house who was married, irene was given a house but her friend’s husband had Male friends who would visit them.

One day the Male friend came found her sleeping and raped her,irene was angry and went back to her sisters house.she became sick and her sister took her to hospital after some test the doctor told her that she was pregnant

Irene didn’t tell her sister that she was pregnant, her sister realised that she was pregnant at the seventh month and she kicked her out of her house.

Luckily Irene found a good samaritan who welcomed her and she gave birth while there.After giving birth her sister came and picked her,her sister would come cook dinner and breakfast but she was not giving her food.

Irene went back to Dandora where she could leave her son locked in the house to go search for a job.The neighbours confronted her and she went to Dandora where she did some manual jobs to feed her child…CONTINUE READING>>

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